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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Budget 2015: Other announcements

The Chancellor George Osborne has now delivered his Budget 2015 statement to the House of Commons. Here we summarise some of the other announcements affecting investment and government spending:
  • Charities: Automatic gift-aid that charities can claim will rise from £5,000 to the first £8,000 of donations. The government will give £75 million to regimental charities and emergency services.
  • Duties: The Chancellor announced a 1 pence cut on beer duty. Cider and spirit duties were cut by 2%. Fuel duty will not increase in September as previously planned.
  • Broadband: The government will invest £600 million in upgrading Britain's high-speed broadband and mobile network infrastructure.
  • Export finance: UK Trade & Investment resources will double to support British businesses exporting to China.
  • Transport: The South West will receive £7 billion for investment in transport.
  • The Severn Crossing: The toll rates for the Severn bridges will be reduced from 2018.

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